Review: Scrumptious Syracuse


My hometown is in Syracuse, New York. Ever since I have moved to Pennsylvania, it seems like Syracuse has been developing trendy hotspots for foodies like me. While home on Christmas break (Yes, I’m a teacher and get two weeks off, you are allowed to be jealous) I have been indulging in many of these popular joints. Actually, I have been eating to a fault, as I have not been hungry for my next meal but trudge through it regardless of the pain in my stomach.

Armory Square is Syracuse’s downtown, where all these good eats occur. My favorite restaurant in Syracuse is Pastabilities. Not only do they have a swanky sexy restaurant, but they also have their own bakery across the street. The second you sit down, the restaurant serves their fresh baked bread with a warm spicy tomato-oil dipping sauce on a flat plate. Sop it up quick. You should not go there without trying the Duck Bacon Flat Bread Pizza. In fact, Guy Fieri visited this joint on his show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and sang this Pizza’s praises. Imagine smoked duck bacon, shreds of basil, Humboldt Fog goat cheese, mozzarella, cherries, and pomegranate drizzle on fresh baked pizza dough. My friends glared at it while my husband and I noshed. Don’t worry, we passed around a piece or two for them to try. They were amazed at the deliciousness.


The Empire Brewing Company is Syracuse’s popular brewpub, also visited by Guy Fieri. I was craving a burger and Yelp proclaimed that the Tumbleweed Burger at this brewery was highly rated. The restaurant is located underground with a New York City-like sub way staircase descending to the glass doors. Inside the exposed brick and metal piping, along with dim lighting make it a snappy scene for any foodie. My medium-rare burger oozed juices and barbeque sauce with each flavorful bite. Although the gouda cheese on top was not melted, its smoky flavor complimented the thin-crispy onion straws bunched on top. Under the burger was a thin smear of sweet chipotle mayo which smoothed out the bold flavors. The waitress obviously was hungover, as I went on New Year’s Day. She was dull and absent, but other waitresses seemed peppy so I won’t hold her performance against this delectable meal.                                                       

10906093_10153053720572975_1932389232120446161_nLastly, a Caffè crema (cream coffee in Italian) at Cafe Kubal. This new hip coffee shop displays glitzy chandeliers in each window on the building’s facade. My caramel mocha latte was decadently sweet with bitter chocolate peppered across the white foam. My husband’s vanilla latte was presented with a delicate floral design. Obtaining your coffee was not as quick as Starbucks, but I have a feeling it is because they took time to prepare it correctly with quality ingredients and sweet presentation.


If you are ever in the Syracuse area, check out these fabulous places.