fuss-free fresh-cut fries

Noah’s Fresh-Cut Fries

If you’re anything like me, fresh hand-cut fries are your jam. They are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Teenie tings of salt and bright earthy parsley (with a dab of ketchup) are all these babies need.

The best part? No soaking and no fancy frying equipment. All you need is a sauce pan, canola oil and patience!

We have been working tirelessly on our new house. Family from Canada is coming to visit in a few weeks and we wanted  to complete some renovations before they arrive. The hubs gutted the guest bathroom for a full remodel and I have been sprucing up the backyard to make it a resort-like oasis.

With all this hustle and bustle in our home, our social life has been put on hold. I mean, I want to hang out with our friends, but consistently have a nagging feeling that I should be getting work done.

So today, our friends came to us. That was the best compromise because I could keep pecking away at the backyard while we grilled dogs and burgs. I even got some much appreciated help raking the yard!

When I walked into the kitchen, our friend Noah was slicing a large potato into shoe-string strips. There was a medium sauce pot filled with shimmering canola oil on the stove top.  I was pretty impressed that he was planning on making homemade french fries, but did not expect to fall in love with them!

These golden frenchies legitimately tasted like restaurant quality fries. Did you hear me? These are undeniably incredible fries made in the comfort of your home. Ready to make some yourself?


Warning: Hot oil is very dangerous and will burn skin. Please handle with care and keep out of reach of children.


  • 2 large skin-on russet potatoes, washed
  • 1 bottle canola oil
  • salt
  • parsley. chopped


  1. Place a deep medium sauce pot on the stove top. Pour the whole bottle of canola oil, leaving 2 inches from the rim, into pot. Leave about 1-2 inches so that the oil does not spill over when hot.
  2. Heat pot on high (may have to lower the heat to medium depending on your stove top).
  3. Slice potatoes, with skin-on, into long strips. Ensure that all strips are the similar sizes for even cooking.
  4. Place paper towels on a plate. Set aside.
  5. Test the oil’s temperature by dipping the tip of one potato slice into the oil. If it starts to bubble and fry, the oil is ready. If it does not, give it more time to heat up.
  6. Working in small batches, place a handful of the potato strips into the oil (with a metal utensil).
  7. Let the potatoes fry for about 15 minutes. Moving them around every few minutes for an even cook and to avoid sticking together. When the potatoes are golden brown, remove them from the oil and put them on the plate with paper towels (soaks up grease).
  8. Work in small batches until all are fried.
  9. Toss french fries in salt and parsley. Serve with ketchup.

It is THAT easy. I have read many other recipes that make you peel the potato and soak them for three hours. Others have you double fry them. These are fuss-free and a show stopper for burger night. Noah is a true genius.