Meet Maria

I have a deep love affair with all things food.

By day, I’m a Clinical Director, serving as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and providing behavioral therapy to people with autism.

By night, I am a food creator, stylist and photographer for my own website and local restaurants.

I fancy baking

My obsession for cooking and indulging in delectable eats led me to the creation of this website. It’s my space to document, share and celebrate food in all its glory.

My goal? To share healthy, sometimes naughty, and always creative eats with my readers, teaching them that they too can whip up delicious and fascinating food with everyday ingredients {no culinary degree needed}.

To be honest, I am just an ordinary girl with extraordinary taste, which is why I am a Common Connoisseur.

I love coffee

So, here’s a little bit about me.

I was a special education teacher for 6 years, teaching primarily those with autism. I have a Masters of Education in Applied Behavior Analysis. In 2016, I left the classroom to serve people with autism as a BCBA. I am currently a Clinical Director of a center that offers ABA therapy.

Although my strong work ethic has lead me to this point, my forever passion has always been and will always be FOOD. I am on a persistent trek to gratify my taste buds.

I was born and raised in New York by a large supportive Italian family. My Grandma, Theresa, arrived in New York long before me, on a boat from Italy.

Her whole life was dedicated to food. We, like every other Italian family, ate at Grandma’s every single Sunday for macaroni and sauce.

There really was never a time that a pot of sauce and meatballs was not on the stove, just in case. No matter what, there was always too much food because my mom, aunts and uncles would argue about how many pounds of pasta to boil.  

The memories seem endless, but one thing is clear, my passion and appreciation for food were instilled in me at birth. Grandma and I spent many days cooking together, where I would imitate her kitchen prowess. As she aged, she continued to gather the family for Sunday dinners, the most important part of the week.

Grandma left us in March 2015 at 93 years old and my heart broke. But my joy for cooking only strengthened. I want to feed my loved ones the way Grandma did, from the heart.

Please join me on my journey in my kitchen and to diverse restaurants, as I eat and cook my way through flavory fare.

I am just an ordinary girl with extraordinary taste, which is why I am a Common Connoisseur.

Thanks a Latte for Stopping by
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