Over the last few years, food delivery services have skyrocketed. It seems like everyday a new startup meal kit company flashes its way across my social media screen. For foodies like us, now is the time to indulge in the cornucopia of fare that is delivered directly to our doorstep. There are health conscious delivery services like Home Chef, region specific services like Eattiamo and gourmet international product delivery like Try the World, but there is nothing like BurgaBox.

BurgaBox is a meal delivery service that essentially ships all your deepest darkest cravings to your home. It is a cheat day in a box. Don’t worry, you will always have your average “meh” take-out joint that is right around the corner, trust me that place ain’t goin’ nowhere.

But BurgaBox though.

Close your eyes and imagine a burger so laden with ooey gooey trappings that your two hands are stretched wide, dripping with its juices. Now envision yourself, in the privacy of your own home, preparing that damn delicious burger for your loved ones. As if that were not enough, you have also pulled velvety four cheese mac n’ cheese out of the oven, served alongside house made wedge fries drenched with blue cheese dressing and Frank’s buffalo sauce.

Yes, McDonald’s, Cook Out, Burger King and Five Guys all have yummy burgers delivered to your mouth in 5 minutes or less. But none of them dress to impress. None of them deliver shock and awe. None of them are anything to write home about. Most importantly, none of them make you feel inspired, proud, delighted and pleased after polishing them off.

We’ve all had burgers, but the majority of you reading have never had BurgaBox.

What is BurgaBox?


In Boston (say it: Bawstin) they call them “burgas”. It all started with the The Boston Burger Company (BBC). With the success of their burgers gaining national traction, the owners were sitting in their warehouse one day, when a box of Hello Fresh showed up. Apparently their marketing director ordered it, either for personal use or for inspiration. They scoffed at the “skimpy little healthy meal” and ultimately decided to blow people’s minds with something more substantial. It was then that they decided to stock boxes with their naughty burgers and ship them around the nation. Why should only Boston nosh on their burgers? BurgaBox was born.

The Details

  • Shop online HERE
  • Free Shipping nationwide
  • All orders ship on Monday – Wednesday.
  • Takes between 1-2 days to arrive depending on your location- no signature required
  • Ships to your door in an insulated cooler-so yes, your meat is safe
  • Prepare the food with given recipes and instructions
  • 100% Money back guarantee (within 30 days of receiving order, uneaten food and BurgaBox pays the return shipping).

The Products


Choose a feast kit that best suits your desires.

BURGA BOXES Box for 2 Box for 4
Price $65 $75
Meat (Fresh 8oz. Angus Beef Patty) 2 4
Toppings Depends on Feast Kit (click) Depends on Feast Kit (click)
Mac n’ cheese 2 lb (see flavors below) 2 lb (see flavors below)
French Fries 1 lb (see flavors below) 1 lb. (see flavors below)
Baked Beans 8 oz. 16 oz
Coleslaw 8 oz. 16 oz.

Mac n’ Cheese Flavors: regular, bacon jalapeno, chili, buffalo, honey barbeque, pulled pork, and sausage & peppers.

Specialty Fries Flavors: garlic parmesan, buffalo, Cajun, chili, and pizza.

Special Offers:

Party Pack Appetizers

Price $150
Feeds 12-15 people
Difficulty Level Easy: Heat up prepared food + add toppings
Includes  2 lb Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese, 2 lb Regular Mac & Cheese, 2 lb Nonna’s Meatball Mac & Cheese, 1 lb Pizza Fries, 1 lb Garlic Parm Fries, 1 lb BBC Famous Chili Fries, 1 lb Honey BBQ Wings, 1 lb Buffalo Wings, 1 lb Pterodactyl Wings (teriyaki & bbq sauce), 8 oz Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing & 8 oz Homemade Ranch Dressing

Gluten-Free Box

Price $65.00
Includes 2 ½ lb. burgers with all fixings, 2 lb. tray of gluten-free mac & cheese, 1 lb. tray of gluten-free fries, 8oz. Boston baked beans and 8 oz. Coleslaw
Options 5 burger combinations, 3 mac & cheese flavors and 5 French fry flavors

BurgaBox also offers monthly subscriptions to those that want to have a reoccurring cheat day. They also make great gifts for those comfort food loving friends or family members on your list.

Monthly Subscriptions Price
1 month $59.00
3 months $177.00
6 months $354.00

How it Works:

  1. Join the Monthly Club and get access to new BurgaBox original recipes every month.
  2. Box ships every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Expect 1-2 days from shipping date.
  3. Each month has a themed box that will be announced on the 1st of every month.
  4. All subscriptions can be paused, canceled or renewed at anytime.

Box Includes: 

  • Two 8 oz burgers with brand new recipes
  • One 16 oz. tray of specialty mac & cheese
  • One 16 oz. tray of original recipe loaded French fries
  • Two sides of BBC coleslaw
  • Two sides of Boston’s famous baked beans
  • Easy to follow cooking instructions

The First Impression

My BurgaBox arrived on time and was left at my door without needing a signature. This was nice because I work full time and did not want to worry about being home at a certain time.


The food was cold from an insulated box and plenty of ice packs. Each item was neatly packaged in either a plastic bag or white plastic container with a twist top. The buns were nestled in a cardboard box. All ingredients were labeled and portioned out for ease of cooking.

The burger patties were freshly vacuum sealed and ready for the grill or stovetop. The macaroni and cheese was already prepared and frozen in a tin pan, ready for the oven. The potato wedges were fresh, not frozen, and pre-battered, ready for oil.


Cooking instructions were sent printed on whole and half sheets of paper. For the Vermonster Burger, there was a description of what inspired the flavors and how they harmonized. There was a picture of each ingredient laid out so that I could determine if I was missing anything.

On the back of the Vermonster Burger sheet, there were cooking instructions. At the top of the page, ingredients were listed with amounts, again so that I could determine if I had everything I needed. BurgaBox sent every single ingredient, including pats of butter. I only had to provide items in the TOOLS section, which were 2 large sauté pans (easy peasy). The cooking instructions were described in 6 easy to follow steps. I know this will come in handy when customers who are not comfortable in the kitchen purchase a BurgaBox.


The Garlic Parm Fries were presented on a separate ½ sheet of paper. There was a picture of the final product and a list of ingredients. As a food photographer, the quality of the photo was not as appealing as it could have been. It is important to note that the Garlic Parm mix was prepared for customers to reduce the amount of “extra” work needed to make house-made fries. Directions on how to prepare the fries were given on this document as well.


As for the Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese, the heating instructions were given on a separate sheet of paper. There was no final product photo, but there was one online when purchasing the Vermonster Meal Kit. Given that the mac & cheese was pre-made and frozen, the instructions were simple as far as preheating the oven and popping it in for a certain amount of time. The one instruction that was not given was whether or not to remove the paper top with a tin lining. I left it on since it did not specify, but this would be helpful to add in order to make the process less vague.

The Make and Taste Test


Believe me when I say I broke my diet for this box of yum. Grab a beer and read on.

The Vermonster Burger

This burger was truly monstrous. BurgaBox sent a signature spice rub for the patties that added a delightful zing. I chose to grill the burgs rather than pan fry them as instructed. I fried 4 thick slices of bacon in a sauté pan and set them aside on a paper towel until assembly. The 8 oz. of sautéed apples and onions were sent in a jar fully cooked and already seasoned. I did not expect much, given that they were prepackaged and not freshly made by me. Boy, was I wrong. The apples and onions only needed a hit in the hot pan to warm them up. I suddenly smelled cozy aromas of fall; apples and cinnamon. They were well seasoned, delightfully sweet and perfectly balanced with the sautéed onion.

In the future, I think that BurgaBox should consider sending an onion, apple and spice mixture for foodies like me who want to take a stab at cooking their own burger embellishments. But for now, they did well with what they sent.

The burger buns were slightly stale, but once buttered and toasted on the grill, they were revived.

The best part was stacking my burger with all the handcrafted ingredients. Who doesn’t like a sloppy burger? The Angus beef burger patties were everything fresh meat should be-juicy, bold and substantial. The white cheddar cheese added a sharp yet silky flavor, while the hefty pieces of bacon offered a smoky punch. After I poured on the apples and onion mixture, I doused the whole thing with a smoothly sweet and creamy Maple mayo. This was like icing on a cake.

The Vermonster Burger had a unique balance of sweet and savory notes that make my mouth water even as I write about it. I washed it all down with an ice cold beer and my worries melted away. Well done, BurgaBox.


Garlic Parm Fries

BurgaBox sent me 1 pound of fresh wedge cut fries. YUM. While this made my life easier, I think that as a foodie customer this is another ingredient that could have been sent whole with instructions on how to cut the potato into wedges. It makes the cooking more hands-on.

I like that BurgaBox offered customers two different ways to make the fries: oven or stovetop. I opted to fry them in oil on the stovetop. The directions were to add 1 cup of olive oil to a frying pan. Instead, I deep fried them, by filling a small pot with about 3-4 cups of canola oil. Canola oil is a stable oil with a high smoke point, making it ideal for deep-frying, sautéing and searing.

I was pleasantly surprised that the wedges already had a light batter on them, making the fries satisfyingly crispy. After sizzling about 4 batches of perfectly golden French fries, I tossed them all in the chunky and pungent garlic parm mix. This blend was garlicky heaven with huge hunks of fresh funky Parmesan and bits of parsley. For garlic and cheese lovers like me, it was some of the most flavorsome French fries I have tasted.


Mac & Cheese

This was described as four cheese mac n’ cheese piled with homemade pulled pork. To be honest, I was disappointed to find that it was delivered frozen in a tin pan. This was reminiscent of Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese, which, trust me, is delicious, just not “specialty”.

The picture online showed a hearty mound of pulled pork on top of the macaroni. Obviously, since it was packaged with a top weighing it down, this effect was lost and the amount of meat seemed to have diminished as well. To perk it up a bit, I would suggest one of two things:

  1. Send all ingredients to make the Mac & Cheese homemade.
  2. At least send a jar of homemade pulled pork, so that it can be heated up and added after the macaroni and cheese has cooked.

All this to say, the Mac & Cheese was goodish. You can’t go too wrong with pasta and cheese, but I think it can get better. Admittedly, I also understand that BurgaBox is a BURGER company and that the BURGER they sent me was damn delicious. I get that the Mac & Cheese is just a side to fill our bellies with additional happy thoughts.


The baked beans and coleslaw were satisfying sides to an already substantial meal. I especially liked that the coleslaw was oniony while maintaining a creamy, rather than watery, consistency.

The Final Say


BurgaBox wowed me. Even though I had a few critiques, overall I would recommend that anyone and everyone give it a go. It exceeded my initial expectations by following through on taste, texture and quality.

Of all the food delivery companies that I have experienced, BurgaBox is by far the most unique. It truly is an amusing and fun way to cook at home. WARNING: This is not for clean eaters or plant-based foodies. This is for meat-eating maniacs.

With all the food you get in one box, $65.00 is worth it. My husband and I were stuffed to the max, with food leftover. We are piggies, trust me. For those that think the price is steep, see it as a substitute for going out to eat that week. BurgaBox is an exciting date night in rather than going out. It also would make an entertaining gift for that burger lover in your life. With gluten-free options, you can give a box to almost anyone.

I suggested offering some more autonomy with cooking certain items from scratch like the apples & onions or cutting the potato wedges. With detailed instructions, this may enhance the experience and make the price worthwhile. I understand with this comes a longer cooking time, which may be unpleasant to those who want their food in 30 minutes. I just think, if this is the case, than those people should buy fast food. BurgaBox is so much more than quick and easy fast-food. It’s comfort food cooked with love and served with lots of cheese.

The only downfall to BURGABOX is that when your naughty craving strikes, it will take 1-2 days to fulfill your appetite. But if you can wait, it will be absolutely worth breaking your diet!