eattiamo review {live and love italian food}


Italian food is created and shared with passion and love. I should know, Grandma was straight off the boat from Sicily. Her greatest joy and goal in life was to see her family eat. Her hands told the tale. Imagine her worn, crooked {beautiful} hands kneading pizza dough and crushing garlic in a wooden mortar. While feeding us salami and fresh provolone sandwiches on her homemade bread, she would be preparing sauce, meatballs, homemade pasta and eggplant parmesan for dinner. This was my life {an incredible life}.

But if you do not have an Italian grandma pouring her love into every meal for you, Eattiamo’s {click for website} got you covered. Eattiamo’s goal is written on the side of their adorable box, to deliver “authentic artisanal Italian food directly” to your home every month. Eattiamo prides itself in having “a network of Italian artisanal producers” that work with them to select the highest quality Italian products. Their team literally explores Italy for the best producers and capitalizes on their expertise, so that their subscribers {you} can experience Italy in the comforts of their own home. 

the details

The Eattiamo box itself sets a cheerful and playful tone {see picture above}. Before even opening it, I expected to have an enjoyable foodie adventure.


  • One-time order: $69.00 per box
  • 3-month prepay: $59.00 per month
  • 6-month prepay: $54.00 per month


  • Free shipping
  • No hidden cost
  • Great one-time gift
  • Cancel anytime with money back guarantee {for prepay options}
  • Boxes are designed only for the US market


Cinque Terre, Liguria Box

Each month, Eattiamo will send a box that features a different region in Italy and its prime fare. Inside my box was seven full-sized Italian products from Liguria, Italy. Each item can be utilized for a 3-course meal that feeds up to 4 people. Along with the hand-selected artisanal products from this region, Eattiamo also provided informational cards on each product {to be explained momentarily}. Lastly, a hand written note graced my box, which shows an attention to detail and gratitude that is often lost in our society. This reveals that not only do the owners of Eattimo care about their products, but they care about their customers too.


Eattiamo provides brightly colored cards, on card stock, describing each product, its history and how to best eat it {my favorite part}. What an excellent way to connect subscribers to that region. This helped me to appreciate the region through all my senses, with a deeper knowledge on how and why these products are produced.

the taste test


Pandolietti Biscuits and Italian Spreads

The appetizer was two flavors of Pandolietti biscuits {rosemary and plain} topped with either Artichoke Cream or Taggiasca Olive Pate. If you could, I would just tell you to reach into your screen, grab one, put it in your mouth and just close your eyes.

The Pandolietti biscuits rocked my world. The plain olive oil biscuit was divine. Buttery. Flaky. Crispy. Melted in my mouth. It had no distinct smell with a mild olive oil flavor {in a good way}. This biscuit would be perfect for strong cheeses or spreads. The rosemary biscuit was heavenly. Sweet. Tender. Flaky. Fragrant and delicate rosemary smell. Tasted the way it smelled. Balanced saltiness. The olive oil gives it an intense depth of flavor. It would pair perfectly with brie or milder cheeses.

The spreads were equally interesting. The artichoke cream, made from the best Albenga artichokes, is blended with 100% extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. The artichoke flavor was mild and subtle with a slight saltiness. Those that tested this with me did not prefer artichokes, and therefore were not “wowed” by this spread. But the Taggiasca Olive Pate, that’s a different story. Fantastico. Richness from the olive oil. Slightly bitter and briny. Pungent fragrance. Salty. Flowery notes. Clean and true olive flavor. Tastes like you bit into the freshest olive soaked in the finest oil. Referred to as “black gold”. Made with 100% extra virgin olive oil. These paired well with the plain biscuits, as their delicate flavor balanced the strong olive spread.


Dinner was a bowl of Italian comfort. Trofie pasta, handmade in Liguria, enveloped the freshest tasting jarred pesto I have ever experienced. The pasta was sturdy, with small pockets that held bits of pesto inside. The pesto had a predominately fresh basil flavor {obviously} that offered little tings of saltiness and overpowered the garlic and vinegar flavors. This sauce was slick from fresh oil, rather than having a thick consistency.

make it yourself


  • 1 pound pasta
  • 1 jar pesto
  • 1 pint cherry tomatoes
  • fresh basil
  • salt to taste


  1. Bring a medium pot of water to boil, add salt.
  2. Set oven to broil. Cook cherry tomatoes on a baking sheet lined with foil until splintered and browned (3-5 minutes).  Set aside.
  3. Boil pasta according to box directions.
  4. Reserve 1 cup pasta water.
  5. Drain the pasta and pour back into the same pot.
  6. Combine pesto and pasta, stirring in some reserved pasta water to make it creamy.
  7. Toss in cherry tomatoes. Serve with Parmesan cheese and fresh basil.
Pasta Perfection
Fishermen’s Cake

Dessert was a Fishermen’s Cake that was subtly sweet with a strong anice flavor {tastes like licorice}. It contains small bits of raisin, candied orange, cedar, pine nuts and hazelnuts. The cake crumbled from being slightly dry, while maintaining a plush texture. Treat this like coffee cake with coffee or biscuit with tea.

the final say


As an Italian American {who yearns to take a trip to Italy}, I am enchanted by the heart and soul of Eattiamo. From the cheerful hearts on their box, to the actual products themselves, Eattiamo is doing something right. Their passion to bring Italian products to America is evident in each and every detail. Their website is user friendly, informational and efficient. The quality of photographs on each information card is exceptional. The products themselves were enticing and invigorating. All I can say is, “Take me to Liguria”!

Out of all the food delivery service reviews I have done, this is my second review of a company that sends its patrons artisanal Italian products. NonnaBox (click to read) has a very similar platform and business model as Eattiamo. One major contrast is that Eattiamo selects products that could be paired together {with no need for additional ingredients} in order to make a 3-course meal. This approach combines everything I like from companies like Home Chef and NonnaBox. Now I can enjoy beautiful products from Italy in a comprehensive meal format.

A minor critique: Although each of the 7 products made sense and paired well with other items in the box, this Liguria box specifically did not need two Pandolietti biscuit packages and three jarred spreads/sauces. I would have preferred a wider assortment of products. Although both biscuit flavors were distinct and divine, including only one box of those would have made room for another {different} incredible product. For example, send a bottle of extra virgin olive oil or vinegar from the region. Furthermore, instead of having two spreads, just choose one and then include a product in its natural form, such as the actual olives or artichokes. Again, substituting a few similar products will allow for more diversity.

Lastly, the price of the box may seem expensive for the average buyer, but I promise you it is worth the experience. This would serve as a great gift. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed tasting and analyzing the products.

Eattiamo provides an Italian foodie experience for those who cannot travel there at this time. Their zest for disseminating Italian fare to America is evident in the quality of products they share. I give Eattiamo:

4 out of 5