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Opened since June 2017, Edgar’s Proof & Provision has been evolving under the direction of Executive Chef Dusty Grove. “As a Savannah native, I’m happy to be a part of this change. We want the Desoto to be a stomping ground for locals again.”

Managing Director Jeff Kmiec elaborates, “Our goal is to be the local’s favorite. If we are the local’s favorite, then everything else falls into place.”

As a chef-driven restaurant that is independent of The DeSoto, Chef Grove identifies Proof & Provision as a modern gastro pub that concentrates on southern influences. In addition to serving daily “provisions” for breakfast, lunch and dinner, libations on the “proof” side include over 120 whiskeys and local brews made into handcrafted cocktails.

Chef Dusty Grove

I was so honored to serve as Edgar’s P & P’s photographer. Chef Dusty and I set up a 5 hour photography shoot one Sunday afternoon. As he cooked, I had the opportunity to ask him about his techniques and watch how his kitchen ebbed and flowed.

Most of the photos were taken outside on their covered deck since the lighting was absolutely perfect. The wind was my worst enemy that day though, constantly knocking over my reflector! Chef Dusty was such a gentleman and spent most of the shoot holding it in place.

It is moments like this that make me so grateful for my job free lancing for Connect Savannah. It quite literally connects me to Savannah. I get to meet amazing people like Chef Dusty and Jeff Kmiec. These special times of learning about the lives of super interesting people are so precious.

When you go out to dinner, you rarely get to see the heart and soul of the food. Where it came from. Who made it for you. How hard they slaved to get the herbs to stand up just right. Chef Dusty cared about every single item on the dish and yet he graciously let me fool around with it to get a good shot.

It may have been a hot and sweaty day in Savannah, but it was absolutely worth every drop. Take some time to enjoy the delicious fare of Edgar’s Proof & Provision.






Makes you want to pull up a chair.

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Big Ass Mouthful
Chef Dusty is pouring a local brew.
He’s on fire!