sheet pan banana bread + vanilla butter cream frosting

This is the most moist, easy and banana forward Banana Bread ever. I have been making this recipe since 2015 and riff it with whatever is in my pantry. It can be whipped up in one bowl and is a sure fire family pleaser every single time.

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banana-coconut bread pudding & salted caramel sauce

What do you make when you’re going to a picnic or backyard bash and need to feed a crowd of sweet-toothed maniacs? This banana-coconut bread pudding and salted caramel sauce is the answer. With a creamy custard center and crispy buttery edges, you can’t go wrong! This indulgence can be served gooey and warm or…

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Banana Bread with Browned Butter Mascarpone Frosting

This classic Banana Bread recipe would turn out just as moist and supple if it was baked in a traditional bread loaf pan. But come on, these little stacked sweeties look as spectacular as they taste. Baked to perfection, three mini-round Banana Breads are separated by layers of sweet Browned-Butter Mascarpone Frosting and topped with…

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