savannah seafood shack & below zero photo shoot


The Savannah Seafood Shack and Below Zero has been in Savannah for just about a year. I first met owners Christine and David Cutlip when featuring their new seafood and rolled ice cream joint in the Connect Savannah Newspaper.

I wrote:

“Each cup of ice cream is freshly made from scratch. They start off with fresh cream… pouring it onto a flat metal surface that is set well below 0°F. Flavors chosen from a diverse menu… are blended elegantly with two spatulas. ‘The flavored cream is spread into a thin layer, until it reaches the precise temperature, where it is then gracefully rolled into rosebud shaped tubes. Each spiraled cylinder is delicately placed into a deep round bowl and adorned with freshly cut fruits, sweets and drizzles.”

“Since the main goal of the Savannah Seafood Shack was to reinvent the seafood experience, Cutlip sought to make their fare affordable and impressive, without having to compromise on quality. Using their connections in seafood, the owners of the Savannah Seafood Shack were able to provide wholesale prices in a restaurant environment. Consequently, this fast casual seafood restaurant offers high quality products at seafood market prices.”

Read the full article HERE.


Six months later, the Cutlips and Tsoi family members opened another Below Zero location in Downtown Savannah called Below Zero Dessert Bar + Cafe. They expanded their menu from just rolled ice cream to a variety of desserts including crepes, funnel cake and fried oreos.

Read about Below Zero Dessert Bar + Cafe HERE.

I recently had the honor of spending time with David and Christine doing a photo shoot of the food at both locations. The Cutlips were so accommodating, assisting me with all my photography needs. Both of them were the best reflector holders a girl could ask for!

To get the best lighting with space to move around, we set up the shoot on the sidewalk of Broughton Street. Boy, was it hot! Those who passed by made comments that made us all smile:

  • “Yum!”
  • “That looks so good!”
  • “Oh, we should eat here!”
  • “Wow!”
  • “What is that?”
  • “Can we eat the leftovers?”

Savannah Seafood Shack

Take a look at the final shots and let me know what you would say if you saw this on the streets of Savannah.



Below Zero Dessert Bar + Cafe

After our photo shoot on the sizzlin’ streets of Savannah, we drove a few blocks over to Below Zero Dessert Bar + Cafe to take some more shots. The Dessert Bar + Cafe serves lots of quick bites that are crave-worthy. They wanted product photos for their menu, so these photographs showcase the delicious items.



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